A step-by-step guide on how to hire skips online.

Skip hire is today the most efficient waste removal solution for both businesses and households. It is an affordable way of getting rid of any type of waste very quickly, especially for larger families or construction sites.

Many skip hire companies are taking over the market today, offering different ways to hire skips online in different sizes depending on the quantity and type of waste you are looking to get rid of.

Domestic consumers will be looking at smaller skip hires, usually from 2 yard to 4 yard, which will be more than enough for home produced waste or home improvement waste.

Bigger sizes are available on most skip hire companies, from 6 yard skips to 18 yard skips, which will be suitable for commercial customers. For industrial-sized jobs, specialist roll-on roll-off skips may be required. These skips are extremely large, and available in sizes ranging from 20 to 40 yard skips.

Skip hire companies generally accept most type of waste to be put in the skips, except for certain prohibited types of waste that will vary between providers, but this will usually be chemicals, explosives or electrical items.

You can generally use the skips to get rid of:

  • Domestic waste
  • Furniture
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Soil
  • Rubble, etc...

How to hire skips online?

There are a number of things to look at before considering the use of a skip as a waste removal solution.

  1. You would need to evaluate the quantity of waste that you have produced, the location where the skip is going to be used, as well as the type of waste as cited above.

  2. As skips are delivered to your location using trucks, you need to ensure that your area has a parking spot suitable for large vehicles, as many streets across the UK cannot support trucks.

  3. Make sure you read our Do you need a skip hire permit? and our skip size guide post.

  4. If you want to remove furniture for example, there are many alternatives to this. You could donate it to charity or have it collected by a recycling company, which will cost you less and eventually save you a lot as you will hire smaller sized skips for the remaining of your waste.