Welcome to another GetSkip Article. We'll be taking a closer look at the skip hire industry and how various companies are dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on their daily operations.

Let's jump straight into the topic. During the stages of the first lockdown, as measures started rolling back and the construction industry and "non-essential" retail reopened, there was a sharp demand in waste removal services. Demand which would normally be in the thousands, reached past a million. Crazy right?

As you can imagine, the increase in demand caused a rippling effect through-out the whole industry. Well, not just the waste management industry, but in various sectors such as safety and medical supplies (especially hand sanitizers and nitrile gloves).

Increasing demand on waste disposal and management meant that most companies were bombarded with calls and bookings throughout the month, whilst facing issues such as how to work from home, and ensuring that work environment is safe for those employees that couldn't do this.

Common issues which occurred were mainly related to available and speed. Where skips were available, being able to meet the volume of customers was almost impossible, vice-versa, where you could supply to the customer speedily (which wasn't the case, even for the biggest supplies), having the enough skips available became an issue.

This caused other issues such as:

  • Extended waiting times before orders could be fulfilled
  • Users not getting their orders (or having them cancelled)
  • Companies not being reachable (volume of customers)
  • For most companies; not having enough employees to meet the demand

Customers were furious!

Not what it seems... Ordered a skip online for delivery 30.4.2020 and received email confirmation with this date clearly shown. Then received a subsequent email - with no explanation or apology - saying delivery would be 1.5.2020. Queried with the firm who advised normally the selected date would be the delivery date but that it does say “pending”. I’ve checked the screen grab I have of confirmation and can’t see the word “pending”. They offered to cancel but no apology. If you want a skip delivered on time then I’d suggest you look elsewhere. — Edward Turner (trustpilot reivew) for skiphireuk

Enough about the lockdown, lets look at what measures that have been put in place in the industry with the impact of COVID-19 in these uncertain times.

Zero contact rules; Some companies have implemented contactless delivery and are advising customers not to approach their drivers as their orders are being dispatched or collected.

Employees with symptoms; Employees of with symptoms of COVID-19 are being advised to stay home for the safety of their colleagues and the public, until told otherwise.

Reduced operations; Some companies have reduced their staff numbers which would certainly results in delays during delivery and collections. Keep this in mind, and provide extra time to any project you're working on.

Prioritisation for front-line services; A few companies are taking front-line service providers into consideration. This means your orders could be delayed from 2 to 4 days if they don't have the necessary capacity to fulfil your request.

Briefing with customers; For the safety of drivers and the wider public, some companies may callback before deliveries/collection to obtain more information which would allow them to assess the circumstances of your household. i.e. preventing contact with their employees if you're self-isolating.

Driver reports; During a delivery or collection if drivers do notice that members of your household are self-isolating they'd have to report this information back to HQ and self-isolate until its safe for them to come back to work.

Head Office; Most head offices are completely remote. If this is where your calls are handled, you may hear some background noises. Please keep this in-mind when booking your next order.

Thank you for reading. We hope this guide has been beneficial to you and has put your mind to ease during these difficult times. If you've got any comments please leave them below. Click on the link for more of our GetSkip skip hire guides.