If you are looking for any construction or recycling related works, skip hire companies might not be the first thing you think about. However, most of the companies mainly providing skip hire and waste removal services across the UK also offer a wide range of different services related to waste or recycling. Let’s have a look at the professional services provided by skip hire companies.

Site clearance

This service is provided by almost every skip hire company we have analysed when establishing our top 5 skip hire articles. This service can be useful for both domestic and commercial or industrial clients after work has been carried out and the waste and debris need to be taken away safely by trained professionals. It is also a useful service in order to ensure that your site is clean before any work begins, as having a safe and clean space where a new project can begin primordial. Usually, all kinds of materials can be cleared away, using professional machinery to ensure nothing is left behind.

Hazardous waste removal

Some types of waste can be very difficult to get rid of, such as batteries, aerosols, fluorescent tubes, paint, solvents and oils. These types of waste are classified as hazardous as they have properties that can cause harm to the environment and human health. Many skip hire companies, along with general waste removal, provide hazardous waste removal solutions which are a safe way to dispose of harmful equipments and materials that can be environmentally damaging and very toxic.

House clearance

Moving houses, or simply looking to clear out your personal space and get rid of old, used furniture and materials? House clearance could be the perfect service for you, also provided by many skip hire companies. They aim to provide a fast and hassle-free furniture and waste removal from your home, which will be recycled in most cases. Items you can usually get rid of using house clearance are :

  • Bulky or heavy items
  • Electronics equipment,
  • Medical devices,
  • Construction debris,
  • Left-over materials

Some companies will donate the furniture collected to households in need or charities.


If you are looking to start a new construction project on a small part of your land or simply want to get rid of an old structure safely and ensure all the waste will be taken away, you can use the services of a skip hire companies as they very often offer demolition and dismantling services along with waste removal.

Dismantling is the safest option to ensure that a structure can be rebuilt elsewhere. Professional machinery is used, therefore you should always avoid attempting to demolish your constructions yourself as this could be very harmful and cause irreversible human and material damages. A combination of dismantling and demolition is often beneficial as it permits the recovery of assets, enabling assets to be recycled, re-used or sold on. Whether it is for a residential area or an industrial factory, dismantling and demolition are very beneficial as they give the client the ability to recover assets, enabling them to be sold or recycled.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is one of the most useful services provided by skip hire companies. Asbestos defines a group silicate minerals composed of thin fibrous crystals. This material was banned from use decades ago as it is very harmful for humans, however, before then, it used to be a very common material in the construction industry to build homes and businesses which are still in use today. As long as the building remains undisturbed it is safe to use it. However, when demolished, the asbestos releases fibres into the atmosphere, which can be very dangerous if inhaled and cause diseases such as lung cancer or asbestosis. This is why professionals are needed in order to dispose of construction material containing this harmful product, and it is the contractor’s statutory duty of care to ensure a safe removal of this material if found on the site in order to prevent exposure to their workforce and the public.

Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste management is the best way to give you the assurance that your private information is destroyed safely. Identity fraud occurs more often than you would think and costs nearly £2 billion every year. It is therefore essential that every document containing confidential information is disposed of by professionals, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, stating that all personal data that an organization stores must be kept secure and disposed of correctly. Fines of up to £500,000 can be imposed if this  act is breached.

After collection, your documents are shredded and destroyed, either in front of the owner or at a legal designated point. Once your confidential waste is fully destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note is issued by the company.

Confidential waste includes:

  • CVs and application letters
  • Sensitive records such as Financial, Heath (hospital; medical, social care), Business records,  invalid ID cards such as security passes and badges, contracts, product samples and research data.


Baling is another very common service provided by skip hire companies as it is directly related to waste removal. It is the process of running waste such as plastic or paper through a baler in order to compact the waste, which improves the efficiency of waste removal processes as well as helping to reduce the cost of waste transportation. This technique also helps diversify recycling, which reduces the amount of waste on the landfill. In addition, the collected waste can be reused to make a large range of new products.

Benefits of bailing and compacting include:

  • Reduced costs of waste disposal
  • Easier transportation and its also cheaper
  • Reduced storage

Scrap metal removal

As metal is a material that is recycled differently from other types of waste, some skip hire companies would not accept it directly in the skips. However, most of them offer scrap metal removal, which is a cost-effective, fast and reliable way of disposing of unwanted metal safely, ensuring its recycling. Metal waste is an unavoidable by-product in industrial works, and it is therefore important to dispose of it correctly to contribute to the minimization of global warming as recycling emits less carbon dioxide than mining and new metal production. Since the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealer Act (SMDA) in 2013, the sale of scrap metal for cash is now prohibited as cash cannot be traced and therefore this would break the recycling chain.

Metal waste is split into two categories, ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are the ones combining iron and carbon, including carbon steel and cast iron.Non-ferrous metals include aluminium, copper, lead, tin, zinc and also gold.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, disposing of metal waste to give it another life is important for your safety and also for the environment, this is why most skip hire companies can assist you with your metal waste removal.

Garage waste removal

Operating a commercial garage often means mass production of hazardous waste, which needs to be disposed of by professionals as discussed above. Garage owners are required to maintain a tight control of this waste as it can be very harmful to the environment. Therefore, garages have bigger waste disposal needs than other types of businesses, which is why many skip hire companies are now offering this service to help garages of all sizes manage their hazardous material storage.

Garage waste types include:

  • Old batteries, Waste oil filters, Contaminated fuels, Tyres, Brake fluid and Anti-freeze chemicals
  • Soiled rags
  • Solvents of all kinds and Paint containers
  • Aerosols

Just like building owners regarding asbestos, garage owners have a legal duty of care to ensure that all types of hazardous waste is disposed of in the safest waste possible. Failure to do so can result in fines and/or prison sentences, which is why it is very important to use the services of professionals to avoid such inconveniences.

Road sweeper hire

If you are tired of seeing the surroundings of your business area filled with cans, cigarette butts and all types of roadside litter, some skip hire companies have the solution for you which is road sweeper hire, which provides you with an efficient solution to waste management in your local area by either hiring a machine for your personal use, or having your area cleared by professionals. Whether you are the owner of an industrial or commercial property, road sweeper hire can help you have a one-off clean, or more regular cleaning as part of an eventual waste management plan.

Road sweeper (advantages):

  • Being an eco-friendly solution that ensures efficient recycling of the waste.
  • Being a cost-effective way to improve the look of your business area for clients before they enter your premises.
  • Reduce high landfill tax rates
  • Boosting your business’s green credentials

Only a handful of companies, offers hazardous waste disposal, though do checkout our skip hire companies list for your cities to discover the best providers around.